Takemi Ebata, Yoichi Hisano, & Bruce Springsteen (RS-466)

It’s not every day that the creators of a boombox in an iconic photograph are identified, but today is one of those days.

While we still don’t know who created the JVC RC-M90 immortalized on LL Cool J’s platinum-selling first album Radio, the creators of the Panasonic RS-466 that Bruce Springsteen is rockin’ in this 1978 Lynn Goldsmith photograph are now known.

Bruce Springsteen with Panasonic RS-466 Mk II S


Takemi Ebata and Yoichi Hisano created 245038 AKA, the Panasonic RS-466 in 1975. Today - over 35 years later - their names are finally known but their stories are still untold and unsung. We want to change that.

  • Year Panasonic introduced RS-466: 1975
  • Creators: Takemi Ebata & Yoichi Hisano
  • Current age of creators: 75-85 yrs.

Do you know Takemi Ebata or Yoichi Hisano or their family/friends/colleagues?

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