August 11, 1981 (Sharp GF-999 & Bruce Springsteen)

Sharp GF-999 1981-08-11 date stamp

Bruce Springsteen with Panasonic RS-466 Mk II S

At least two great things happened on August 11, 1981. The back of the above Sharp GF-999 was manufactured, soon making yet another grail boombox available to the music sharing masses. And on that same Tuesday, Bruce Springsteen played the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan as part of The River tour (Bruce is rockin’ a Panasonic RS-466 Mk II S in front of New York’s ritzy The Stork Club in this Lynn Goldsmith picture).

While not this 999’s definitive created-on date, it provides a good estimate of when this piece of plastic started its journey to becoming an iconic boombox over 30 years ago.

It existed in the minds of its creators well before August 11, 1981 and today they are still unknown and unsung. We want to change that.

  • Year Sharp introduced GF-999: 1980
  • Current age of creators: 70-80 yrs.

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